HSBC Egypt Summer Intership 2022

 HSBC Egypt Summer Intership 2022

HSBC Egypt Summer Intership 2022

In our internship you will take part in practical and interpersonal skills training, while getting to know how Banking works.

We are continuously looking for new ways to improve our business customer’s experience and we welcome your fresh perspective. This internship aims to give you an idea of where you could fit within our business and help you explore your interests and gain confidence in your abilities. You will be supported to find an area you can succeed in, gaining the skills that are necessary to make your mark. We will also help you build relationships with people who are willing to pass on knowledge and make your experience even more beneficial to your career and develop vital skills for your future. This means you should be ready to be challenged, open to working in a diverse team and determined to make your mark

This internship not only gives you an introduction to what we do, but it will also help you to understand how we work with our customers on exciting and innovative projects. You will get a taste of our fast-paced environment, and have the chance to work on projects affecting real business and community needs. After an induction, where you will learn about our business, culture and how we operate, you will be part of a team that works on a project which will allow you to develop your skills and collaborate with senior leaders and colleagues to contribute to real business challenges.

 HSBC Egypt Summer Intership 2022 Details

We're looking for people with more than strong skills and experience; people who are searching for ways to make a real difference. This internship will suit you if you are a  collaborative, courageous and dedicated individuals who are
  • Curious learners: Our internship is all about immersing yourself in what we have to offer. We encourage you to learn and listen as much as you can in order to build relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Diverse thinkers: Bringing fresh ideas to the table will get you noticed in a dynamic and important area of our bank. With your energized, courageous, and proactive attitude, you can identify areas of improvement quickly and find better ways of developing them
  • Digital problem solvers: The world is changing, becoming much more technology-focused and entrepreneurial. This means we need you to be courageous and proactive when searching for better solutions and making use of the resources we have around us – such as other business areas and new technology
  • Confident communicators: In our ever-changing industry, it is vital that we talk to each other and pass on the correct information when required
  • Agile workers: You will work in a fast-paced environment where everything evolves very quickly. You’ll maintain momentum by promoting agile working and ensuring we constantly deliver for our clients
  • Analytical thinkers: You’ll need a good eye for detail, a creative mind for analyzing trends, and the courage to adopt new analytical methods
  • Team players: We collaborate by listening to new ideas, as well as voicing our own, in order to deliver and develop the best service for our clients
  • Keen problem solvers: Ability to see the wood for the trees, synthesize new information and make sensible assumptions to enable a path forward

 HSBC Egypt Summer Intership 2022 Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 (or equivalent)
  • Fluent in English is a must
  • Being an active member at least one extracurricular activity
  • Availability throughout the entire 6 weeks program
  • Previous experience in other internships is a plus

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